Road Safety In Ireland


Road Safety in Ireland

Road safety in Ireland has really improved simply because of the strategies which were set by the government.  For about 30 years now, the number of road accidents in Ireland decreased towards the end of 1990s, the number of accidents was high. Ireland was identified to be in the middle bracket in comparison with the other member states of European Union in road safety standards. In order to reduce the number of accidents on the roads, a strategy was developed which was named The Government Strategy for Road Safety (1998-2002). This particular strategy gave some promising results that increased road safety in Ireland for a period of time.

New measures are now needed to further keep up to date with different factors that are causing road incidents that may not have been considered during the last analysis. One example being mobile phones.  In 1998 when the last strategy was implemented mobile phones were not was widely used. Now nearly everyone has one and research has shown talking and texting on phones while driving contributes significantly to road accidents.

This set strategy (Government strategy for road safety (1998 – 2002)) was regarded as a special step forward in safety policy of Irish roads and cars ni. In this strategy, the following elements were considered to be positive:

-Formulation of the national target

-Publication of the regular annual progress report

-Definition of a limited number specifically of a well-founded spearheads

-Policy co-ordination mainly at the national level and more so in a shape of High-level group on road safety

As judged by the policy results, it should be concluded that the ambitions set by the Irish government have not been fully achieved as expected. The successful field of policy was formed by the NRA achievements. The reason behind this is simply because they have met their promised pledges. Less successful are also the other areas for a special attention, that is drink-driving, speeding and the seat belt wearing. This is seen to be not a question of ambitious targets, but actually on implementation of the targeted policy. On top of that, it is also possible that adjusting the set speeding target over some past years and not achieving the seat belt targets and drink-driving, damaged the whole policy credibility.

The policy of road safety in Ireland usually relies on the positive effects of (strict) punishment and traffic enforcement of offenders. It also relies mainly on public information. Therefore, more than seventy percent of casualty reduction that was targeted must be achieved here.

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In conclusion, the road safety in Ireland is still improving since most of the people have come to learn more about the set strategies by the government. For other countries to improve on road safety, the best way is to come up with some useful strategies that governs the road safety and at the end of it all, the number of accidents will decrease. road. read road related information on Northern Ireland regarding the DVLNI and MOT NI and visit Car Part Finder for information on replacement parts to keep you vehicle in good working order.


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